For Fan Of…#63 Challenge  I Choosing Social Gatherings and Crowds. I must be a fan because I certainly miss getting together with people in person.
My last group get together 

Group checking out site for new homeless tiny house village
Albany Dines
Dinner Party In The Street
Dancing in the street Paris 2018

Remember going into Museums?

My Photo of Renoir from Musee d’Orsay  Visit 2018

3 thoughts

  1. Your next gathering will be all the more special because of the current lockdown, Carol 😃 I hope you’ll be able to get the homeless tiny house village up & running quickly once this all over 🤞


    1. The city of Berkeley thankfully has agreed to finance the building space. Some folks are working on house in their yards now. In the meantime we are trying to keep the homeless healthy. Some are in hotels for now.
      Thanks for your interest. 😄

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