Friendly Friday Photo Challenge asked me to share Something Good 

Sitting here in my warm kitchen listening to the birds and watching the garden grow is pretty good.

Roses popped out over night

We didn’t get eggs or bread in our grocery order Friday last so it seemed we would have an odd Easter breakfast. My daughter came to rescue Sunday morning and brought us a care package with beautiful brown organic eggs, fresh focaccia and coffee.I was over the moon with excitement. Here’s our Easter Lunch

Quick thank you photo of our Easter meal before I dig in.

Waiting for a friend to join me at my knew Social Distancing seatings area

Waiting in the sun

The best part of this experience is learning to appreciate the simple things in life. A friend posted on Facebook a almost black photo of a doe and her newborn faun. I took it down and edited it and this is what I found.

Doe and Faun By Ruth Stodard’s son

Which brings me Do Re Mi Covid 19

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