I get so excited when we get fresh fruit in i the grocery delivery I take pictures of them

Blueberry Yum!
Strawberry on Top

I’ve been trying to think of away to share my berry photos for Becky’s April Squares Top then Becky posted cool images of SALT as a topping.

7 thoughts

  1. Those prompts from Becky are so motivating; Now I want to go out and buy blueberries and strawberries, but alas, we cant just go out when we want to anymore!


    1. The fruit was from a Whole Food delivery. I haven’t been able tp get anything from them for a while now. I think there will be strawberries in my Safeway order. Isn’t it interesting that anyone talks about is food and where to get it. I have 10 pounds of flour but no sugar…No cake cookies or pies 😉


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