An extra  April Square Top Because April’s almost gone and I must share all the hill tops around me. I live on the side of the little hill in the middle of the Bay.

The Bay
Albany Hill in the middle looking West Toward SF from the East Bay Hills

These photos are taken from atop Albany Hill

Looking East

Albany hill
Grizzly Peak peeking through

Looking West

From Albany Hill
Mount Tamalpius shrouded in fog

Top off your visit to Albany Hill by relaxing in lovely bench

Seat with a top notch view

8 thoughts

    1. As I was taking these photos I was thinking I wished people could smell the Eucs. Glad you could. Do you know Albany Hill? That’s where I am. Where are you now? Let me know when you come up. Opps I was going to say stop by, well someday. I do have a social distancing garden spot.

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      1. I would love to visit. We could social distance and enjoy those views. Yes, indeed I do know where it is. My grandfather’s company actually was in Emeryville way back from the 40’s to when it came down in the earthquake there. It has really changed and grown up since I have been there. I remember on the way there used to be a dump yard with many sculptures. I don’t think they are there anymore. But when I do come, I normally stay in Alameda because I lived there and it is accessible by ferry to S.F. I surely will let you know. I just love meeting my bloggers. We can even go to Farrells Ice Cream. If I remember right, it is still there in Oakland? Albany has some cute homes as Alameda. There’s nothing compared to the Bay. It is a beauty on its own.


        1. My daughter just bought one of the cute McGregor houses in Albany. . So many memories of things we’re missing. It seems like it’s going to be a long time before we can go get ice cream at Fenton’s. Let me know when you come.

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