Terri asked us to share our Leisure Awakenings Just last week I dug out the old watercolor tools and did a virtual painting session with my daughter.

Paints and painting

Never too far from the camera. I added digital play to a painting

Painting edit
Tropical bird awakens

Photography is still what is keeping me alive during lock down. Whether it’s photos in my garden or pulling over for a photo shoot on our drive around town.

Roadside garden worth the stop

My garden

Foxgloves is new to my garden

I saw at the bottom of Terri’s post she link to a blog I about light will look into

3 thoughts

  1. I need to get back into painting, Carol. Does painting the front of my house count? Too easy to default to digital coloring but it’s fun! I’m glad you are keeping busy with photography and your garden. It looks amazing!


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