I’m assuming Cee Means Anything Human Made for Today’s Fun Foto Challenge Anything Man Made because this is what I spent all morning making .

I love the colors

We bought some cloth masks and they didn’t fit. So I thought I could do better  After watching scores of YouTube how-to videos. I went to Joanna’s  Fabrics and they had a pattern and simple written instructions as well as an easy to fallow videos.

My Antique Singer, the poor fitting masks and the one I made.
I have a lot of fabric

At an hour and a half each I don’t know how many more I’ll be making. In case you’re interested.Here is the pattern and instructions.

I used the Teen size






4 thoughts

  1. Strangely enough I have that same fabric because I, too, love the colors. Thanks for the pattern. And you look Marvelous!


    1. How fun. Email a photo when you’re done. This was a scrap that was just enough for one mask. They say to use different fabrics so you know which is inside and out. I just turned it upside down. 😆😷


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