Bushboy invites us to  share our Last Photo of the Month I use an iPhone. The last image of the month is a screen shot of the words to Blue Boat Home. We sang this during virtual church. It’s one of my all time favorite hymns and I wanted to save the word. The second verse touched me  deeply these days as I watch the protesters with there Corona masks trying to make a better world. .

“all we kindred pilgrim souls”

Last photo is a not too clear shot of a bee doing his job to better the world

Blue flowers and fuzzy bee

Finally here’s a video of Blue Boat Home. May the words and tune get stuck in your head all day and rock you to sleep at night.

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    1. I always think I’m going to make sure I have a fab image on my camera roll but never do. That is the fun part I guess. As long as it’s not a gross anatomy pic a Doctor has asked for I’ll be ok. 😁

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