Corvid 2020 Weekly challenge 12 is new to me. It seems to be about black birds and their relatives,of which Jay Birds are a member. I have a family of jays nesting in the bushes outside my kitchen window. They don’t make the best neighbors: they are noisy and gluttonous, they eat all the birdseed and scare away the song birds. .

Little bird

They are, however, good gardeners.  A few years back, one dropped sunflower seeds from the feeder which sprouted and gave my quite a nice crop of yellow sunflowers.

The good thing about jays is that they add a nice flash of color to the garden, and are really good at posing.


Blue Jay
I was Framed!

And finally: they never will take responsibility for their actions…


6 thoughts

  1. Hooray! The first jays in the challenge. I was hoping some would make an appearance. Thank you, Carol.
    I scatter leftover canary seed from my indoor bird on the ground outside rather than putting it in a dish. That way the bossy birds don’t get it all. 🙂

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