Dragon Sun Dog Above The Trees that’s 6 words for

Six Word Saturday


Cloud dragon
Hopefully it will DevourCorona Virus

I Pray Bearded Dragons Bring Rain!

Bearded Dragon
Fierce One This

I have always been fond of dragons, nevertheless I watched not one episode of Game of Thrones. I just wanted to use the word nevertheless. Hope I used it correctly.

5 thoughts

  1. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos with us, Carol! FYI: The dragon sylph elementals are cleaning the air of chemtrails and other toxins. Their breath of fire is alchemy, not the kind of fire that starts actual fires; that is the job of the salamander elementals. Gaia is undertaking massive clearing work in all her realms using all her elemental forms, including undines in the waters and gnomes in the earth. The dark lords have been shown the exit and we are all busy clearing and cleaning up their messes. Onward and upward!


    1. Thank you for the clear words regarding dragon energy! I did know that sky dragons worked for our well-being! As above so below can no longer be ignored. I just click off the end of a service where the last words were “all is sacred”
      Let’s talk more bodhi


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