Spaghetti anyone?

Garlic flower Corona Around The Garlic Head
Garlic close up Miniature garlics up close

The soft paper wrappings

holding the pungent fruits

waiting for the chef’s


spaghetti anyone?

For July Square Perspective

6 thoughts

  1. Cool photos. When I first started trying to cook more vegan, where the recipes seem to almost always start with minced garlic, I wrote a blog post entitled “My hands smell like garlic.” It is a basic now in my cooking, vegan or not. Yum.


    1. Thanks for for sharing your cooking with garlic story. Oh a post about garlic. Love the title.I almost titled this post can you Smell the Garlic? There used to be a restaurant in Berkeley called the Stinking Rose.
      Dawn what is your blog. I hope I am following it. Send me a link to a recent post.
      Happy Monday


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