I don’t know why I didn’t think of square dancing before for Square perspective  Makes a good Six Word Saturday too.

Square Dancers
Square dancers at Solano Stroll 2013

I want one of those full skirts and I wouldn’t say no to one of those fancy embroidered shirts either. If they’d told me about the clothes I’d payed more attention when we were made to learn square dancing in primary school.

Square Dancers
Oh a red skirt please

I just remembered we called them squaw skirts. Not very politically correct, as well as, disrespectful.

5 thoughts

        1. Yes we have to stay “woke”. We are just now dealing with the fact John Muir, the fonder of the Sierra Club, was extremely racist! Once the door is opened who knows where the “woke” road will lead. No turning back. Maybe I should put this in a blog…


          1. It’s definitely making me look at the past more carefully, which can only be a good thing. I think a post on him would be great. We need to know our full history not just the bits we like.


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