Cee’s  Black & White Challenge Sculptures

Kwan Yin in B&W in the colorful garden

Garden sculpture
Among the tomatoes and sage

Coyotes in the fountain

Mexico City

At The Legion Of Honor SF

The Thinker
Two Thinkers

On the corner

4th Street, Berkeley

13 thoughts

  1. A number of years ago 4th St. in Berkeley was rated #1 city street in America. Did you know that? Wish I could find the source for this but I remember well reading it as I used to shop there at the Japanese paper store, the bookstore and galleries. A wonderful area.


    1. How very interesting! I’ll look it up too. Some things have changed over the years. Crate and Barrel is now an Amazon store. The Japanese store is still there. I hope it survives the lockdown. I went to pick something up at the Apple Store a few weeks ago which was strange and eerie.


        1. Some have closed. I had to stand outside and get my temperature taken. Just to pick up I didn’t go in. A friend bought a desktop computer from them last week. She had to sign up for a time to go in.
          I miss my Apple classes


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