When they are all over town…

What do you Say to a Naked Lady ? is a 1970 American hidden-camera style reality filmdirected by Candid Camera creator Allen Funt. In the film, Funt secretly records people’s reactions to unexpected encounters with nudity or sexuality in unusual situations.

Shadow and Belladona
Shadow Selfie with Naked Ladies Summer 2020
Flowers In Stage lighting
Naked Ladies Looking good in stage lighting
Naked Ladies
Performing On A Lawn
Naked Ladies AKA Belladona

This is the second post I’ve done on these extraordinary pink lilies this summer perhaps, because there is an exceptional crop. And they seem so magical popping up out of nowhere August 1 with no leaves. That leaflessness is why they have the name Naked.

I also have the homeopathic remedy Belladona on the ready if I get Covid, because it is for high fevers and blinding headaches. Don’t worry I would still seek medical treatment. But this isn’t gonna happen because I’m stay home watching my garden grow.

Have a happy and safe Six Word Saturday

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  1. I looked them up because I wasn’t sure they were belladonna. I was thinking of datura. But the articles I read said that this plant is very toxic. I know that homeopathic treatments use a very low percent of the plant. But be careful and don’t give into the ‘more is better’ fantasy with it.


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