I’ve had such a good time watching all the videos and reading what Friendly Friday Photo Challenge Color Harmony  has to offer.Now I should post something colorful I learned.

Color enhances the Enjoyment of food. My tomato pie looks and tastes better with the dash bright green basil leafs.

Tomato pie
Corner of blue makes the bright orange tomatoes pop

Monochromatic Mellon makes me want a slice now!

It was so very sweet

Color helps tell travel stories too. Can you guess before you look at caption where this was taken by the flavor of colors?

Car on curves Road
French blue shutters on building that matches the car wow I had to take this snap in Provence

One more very French color scheme

Well in France
Ochre wall and blue shutters in Aix-en-Provence

Finally Chocolate Mousse anyone?

Chocolate mousse
Sprig of Green mint for contrast


7 thoughts

  1. An assignment well done, Carol! I can see you have employed the techniques in selecting the photos for this week Friendly Friday Prompt. I was thinking Italy when I saw the shutters, as I haven’t ever been to France!
    Such fantastic colour in that tomato pie!


  2. Oh my! Tomato pie!!! I’ve never had but this sure makes me want to make one! And I was going to guess Italy based on the color, but the next image, with all that blue was soooo France!


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