We find ourselves challenged with finding Splendor In The Grass forFriendly Friday Challenge Turkeys have been enjoy themselves in what’s left of my lawn this late in the summer. And I’m taking advantage of by doing a masterpiece recreation of Monet’s  Turkeys. Let me know what you think
Turkeys At Casa Carol 

Turkeys August 202
Turkeys in the grass August 2020

The Turkeys At Chateau Rottenbourg 1877 by Monet 

My Photograph ȯf Monet’s Turkeys 2018 Musée D’ORSAY 




33 thoughts

    1. You are hired write my captions. I knew there was a good poem in there somewhere.
      PS I invite you to My Saturday selfie challenge. Post a photo of your giant kitty with you petting your pet. Just your hand needs to qualify, Pam Pets her Pet!


                    1. I’ve only experienced the smoke from Californian fires once, and have never forgotten. Just dreadful. Scary the frequency and scale of your fires.


                    2. We seem to go on day after day in these crazy circumstances. Your perspective shines a light on how bad it is. I think we just get use to it and know it will be over soon. Fingers crossed 🤞🏼


                    3. Very interesting. No one uses public transportation here too. Many bus lines are cancelled. We just don’t go many places. Our daughter and son-in-law are working from home.all the big tech firms here are doing the same. Keeps people off the streets.


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