Welcome Back

I was thrilled with the great response this week, everything from shy faces peaking through branches to a bold grin reflected in a mirror and lots of toes. If you don’t have something already planed I am challenging you to turn the lens on to a different body part or find a different angle.

Sometimes a Photographer Needs to be a Gymnast

My example is a photo of of sunflowers that were facing away from me so I reached around and over to capture their upturned faces

I’m the backdrop for the sunflowers

I’m doing a Covid Selfie Journal taking a Selfe-a-day to tell the story of these strange times

Watering the garden 8/27/2020 Blessing and being blessed

A Selfie Tool You might like

Selfie too.
This simple strap frees up your thumbs

I bought this when I got my iPhone X so it wouldn’t get lost or stolen while traveling, but I found it to be a great Handel for selfies it saves me from carpel tunnels and steadies the camera so you can get another view.

Reach for the sun

CCSC runs from Saturday to Saturday  Prime Directive is HAVE FUN.

To participate create your own. Link it to my weekly post with a pingback and or tag it #Selfie Saturday. Also share a link to your post in comments of my post so others can see it too.

Anything Counts as a Selfie as long as you’re the one holding the camera Used to take your photo.

For more informations see Carol’s Cheerful Selfie Challenge Page


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