Black Panther Rhino escapes to Paris. That is one big horn!

Rhino Musée d’Orsay 2018
Cow Highland Cow Sonoma County 2016

Band in Sonoma County

Tuba Tuba and Friends
Skull Fancy Horns
Fire truck Horn on Fire Truck Albany CA
Deer in garden Do Antlers count? My Backyard


Cee’s B&W Challenge Horns

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  1. How is the smoke down there? We are pretty good as long as the wind comes from the Pacific. Even on bad days, it is nowhere close to the levels we had when we evacuated. I think our highest was 750 or something like that.


    1. Wow 750! I’m glad you got out. I’m sure I would have too. Glad it’s good now 😀
      We have wind from the pacific now but over the weekend they’re predicting Diablo winds from on land that are dangerous and will bring smoke. Fingers crossed it won’t be like a few weeks ago. The worst fire we had right here was the middle of October. It’s a long fire season this year.


      1. Right now we are getting a good downpour. I’m sure the firefighters are enjoying it. But it won’t be enough to put out the fires. I hope your wind isn’t as bad as it is predicted to be and the smoke not too bad. For about 5 days Canby and my local area had the worst air in the world. We were about three times as bad as Hong Kong and India.


        1. I was watching air quality up and down the west coast and saw that dark dark purple reading. My heart went out to all of you. We had the world’s worst air 2 years ago a prize I don’t care to have again. Any downpour would be appreciated. Probably none til November.
          Okay I’m going out to breath good air.
          Take care 🤗

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