Yesterday, as Northern California went though a strange orange air event, due to wildfires all over West Coast, I hurried out side to take photos at noon. My iPhone would not register the proper color. I went back inside and brought out this orange skull who  wears a brisling succulent topknot. I held him to the sky to see how well they matched. The colors weren’t exactly alike however, his face matched how most of us were feeling. Gritting our teeth and trying to smile.

Succulent planter
Bristling on an Ominous  day!

Today is not so orange but air quality worse. Purple air is registering  at over 200. FYI 50 is good

Purple air

RDP Bristle maybe I stretch the theme but I wanted the share the air.

6 thoughts

  1. Oh, how awful! Is this the worst you’ve ever seen it in your area? I imagine it’s impossible to keep your house perfectly sealed. Cute bristling orange skull 🙂 Not so cute that he matches the air though.


  2. I have been looking at photos from your area. It is difficult to believe that the sky is that color. Best wishes for good health – and cleaner air soon!


    1. Just got a Spare The Air notice saying poor air through Monday! So so you have extra room No wait Covid I can’t fly.
      Thanks I hope I’m okay as long as I stay in with my air purifiers for company. I just posted on WP more Orange photos.
      How’s your husband’s family doing.

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