I finally found my photo of Marmalade for Becky’s Kinda Squares one of her first Square was some kind of machine called a marmalade chopper. I wonder if it was used on any of these. And what’s marmalade without scones…


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  1. How wonderful . . . and would love to eat a scone 😀

    l am fascinated by how the word is used as there look like quite a few delights here that we wouldn’t call marmalade in the UK.

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    1. I’m sure that it’s true that we slap label on something and call it marmalade. For me it has to be citrus and have the piece of peal in it. Even then many are too sweet.
      Speaking of scones I saw Mary Berry received an OBE 🎉

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      1. Exactly on the marmalade, and yes she has bless her. I remember her from 30 years ago or more, and so find it quite funny that now my stepdaughters love her. She has had an amazing come back 🙂

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