Getting ready for One Word Sunday Gaggle   I  put geese into my search bar and came up with multiple photos of turkeys. Not surprising because we have wild turkeys  roaming the streets of our small town.  So much so we there was a big spread in the San Francisco Chronicle just last week.

December 29, 2020

Here’s one one of my captures of them showing off in the neighbor’s yard.

November 2018

This is not a gaggle or gobble but a rafter of turkeys, which I didn’t know until I read this article.

They stay on the sidewalk. Here’s what appears to be a mom walking her chicks to school.

So well behaved

My favorite photo of urban turkeys

Stand-off at the Shell Station

2 thoughts

  1. Holy cow! Not sure how wild they can be considered. Maybe “urban turkeys” would be better, but wait! We might think of lots of people to whom that would apply, so not a good idea. 🙂



    1. Somewhere it does call them Urban wildlife. They got in my neighbors attic and it wasn’t very charming. They got evicted just like that’s going to happen Jan 20 to someone we all know.


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