I finally figured a way to share my favorite photo of last days of December for Becky’s Square Up Challenge this dear little possum looked UP and smiled for the camera before disappearing under the fence 

Don’t you love those ears.

Years ago a mother possum (a Jill) made a nest and had her had her babies (joeys) in our daughters cradle we had stored to the garage. We let the family have its time together then left the door open and they politely ramble out, I imagine. This youngster (Joey) might be the great,great, great grandchild of that passel (a group) of possums. Here’s a drawing of a joey hanging UPside down

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  1. We have had a possum living (probably in our garage) for some time, and have hosted a baby in our back hall inadvertently. I agree, they are adorable – especially the babies . . . until they open their mouths and you see all of those little sharp teeth. No, the babies really are adorable.

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    1. Possum Airbnb 😍 sweet. Yes those teeth are not to be messed with. Don’t pet the possum pop. But I was reading about how they eat ticks and fight snakes so we’ll keep them around but at a distance.


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