Terri of Sunday Stills tells us that February is National Bird Feeding month go Here to learn more. Here’s my photos of bird feeing . 
Yellow Finches show up at my feeder early each  spring 

Finches having a nice chat

Later in the summer birds snack on my cherry tomatoes

Paris There’s enough to go around

It’s always a treat to fallow the Falcon Cam from UC Berkeley’s Campanile where a pair of  peregrine Falcons nest there. Here’s a shot from their Facebook page

Baby birds
A tasty tidbit for the chicks

In case we run out of bird food

Poster on a fiends wall



9 thoughts

  1. I love the post. My sister-in-law who lives next door put up a bird feeder in line with my kitchen window so that my cats can watch all the little neighborhood birds. The falcons are so cool.


  2. I get a little irritated at birds eating my tomatoes and peaches. This year I got a few more peaches by using nets, but the bluebirds still got their share. They don’t like the ones that drop to the ground. They like to peck to see if the peaches are ripe, then move on to the next peach until the whole tree is infested with poked peaches. You sound a little more generous with the birds.


      1. Yes, they are a bite out of the plums, too. The cats kept the squirrel and gopher population down. Our neighbor had about 60 feral cats on her 2.5 acres. We had three of them. I didn’t plant sunflowers but we had plenty of them in our city garden. This is a post about our local botanical garden you might enjoy. I loved taking photos there and eventually helping in the Rose Garden. Have a great weekend, Carol. https://tchistorygal.net/2017/07/05/why-do-sunflowers-have-necks/


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