One Word Sunday Light: The Time Change to daylight savings time, last night means that we will get an extra hour of light at night so we can socialize outside longer and without a lot of heaters. However last month I enjoyed watching our neighbors visit with firelight under their magnificent magnolia.

Albany, CA February 20, 2021

Now, the golden  hour will also be an hour later in the evening

March 5 2021,Albany Hill

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  1. Being in Arizona, our time doesn’t change, but we have to readjust all the times for our family and friends in other time zones. 🙂 Now we’re the same time as you are in California but our family on the east coast is three hours different now rather than two. Have to know all that for texting and calling. 🙂



    1. I get it. I have a daughter in Florida so I’m always trying to keep track of what time we can talk or zoom.
      Arizona is a trip. My parents lived in California just across the border from Arizona. They had two clocks to help keep track.

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