I’m joining Bird Weekly for week 40 Birds in Black & White. 

White crown Sparrow
Water bird
Swan can’t tell if this is a color or B&W image 

Finally George and Gracie shhh don’t tell them they’re not real

Flamingo s
Not so pink Flamingos



10 thoughts

  1. Love Love Love the Pelican. My favorite bird! Cute little White-crowned Sparrow. George and Gracie really made my day! I won’t tell, it you don’t! LOL! I’m so happy you joined us this week, Carol. Please come back anytime. No Bird Weekly next week as I’m off. 🙂


      1. Well, I know it was worth the wait. I bet you have more pretty birds than you think. I caught that in our conversation. I’m sure they are not boring, but that is from the birder who gets excited over their behavior and when I see a new bird. 🙂


  2. My husband commented on pelicans today. We don’t have them up here but he’d seen a photo of one flying and he thought they absolutely looked prehistoric. Your shot Carol is fabulous.


    1. They are indeed prehistoric. I forget not everyone have seen them. I’ll better appreciate the next one I see ❤️That pelican just sat on the pier and posed for us down in San Diego.


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