Mini Tail light

Becky’s Bright Square  for today shard how The Statue of Liberty got its golden flame. It just so happens yesterday, I photographed my friend’s brand new British import, an all electric Morris Mini.  We were surprised to see the British Flag on the tail lights.Here you have the light and the electric car emblem making me think the future looks bright if this is the way we’re headed. 
Okay here’s my attempt at a car fashion shoot with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.

Ann and Minni

9 thoughts

  1. ooh that must be an import thing on the light as haven’t noticed that on the ones here – going to have a closer look at my neighbours one tomorrow!!


    1. Would’ve noticed if we hadn’t been taking pics. Let me know.
      Btw I could not make a comment on you’re post today. I just heard that the Statue of Liberty was originally created for the Suez Canal opening???


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