Take off

Turkeys Do Fly

Chick takes off
In full flight overhead


My husband herded them in front of my camera so I could get these shots with my iPhone 

Doves and San Francisco Bay


Bird Weekly bird in flight.

10 thoughts

  1. Nice captures Carol! Most of the time the male turkey will run for his life whereas the females will actually fly away. What do you get out of that? I have my own opinion. LOL! 🙂


    1. So Lisa, all I know is a whole lot of turkeys like to fly up on to roofs to enjoy the view or keep their feet dry after a rain. I never check the gender.
      Now the males are know to chase everyone that’s comes near when they’re in season.

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      1. The females are thinner and if the tail feathers come out, it is a male for sure! The females don’t fan their tails. I’m sure they are aggressive when they are in rut. 🙂


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