Today July  1st is the start of  Becky’s Tree Square Challenge.I’m beginning with one of my favorite trees. The Dawn Redwood deciduous originally from China. This tree in Live Oak Park in Berkeley is grown from seeds brought back from China. It’s hard to fit a redwood into a square.

Folks enjoying late afternoon sun beneath the Dawn Redwood

Another View June 15
Sun at our backs June 15

Looking up into the branches

Dawn Redwood June 15, 2021


5 thoughts

  1. what a gorgeous tree – redwoods are amazing as are you for getting across how fabulous this tree is in squares. definitely not an easy task.


  2. Hi Carol, you did a great job of squaring the hardest trees in the world. These are gorgeous. I wish I could be there with you to enjoy their shade and your beautiful weather. It was 108 yesterday in Scottsdale. Even at night it feels like an oven here. On the bright side, there is AC. 🙂 Have a great week. I’ve missed everyone. We have almost everything settled. 🙂


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