Cyprus Trees frame sunset

I’m catching up on Becky’s Square trees. There’s one where the trees frame the scene and the one below the tree takes center stage.

Buckeye Tree in my backyard

A squirrel planted it a few years ago. I’ve allowed it to thrive because it’s a California Native that Monarch butterflies like. Here’s a Monarch on the marigolds with the California Buckeye in the background.

A quick shot trying to capture the butterfly

One More California Native stands alone off highway 101

Live Oak For some reason I can’t rename a link on my new MacBook Pro laptop. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

2 thoughts

  1. Loving your catch up, some gorgeous #TreeSquares here.

    Unfortunately I cannot help on the link thing as I don’t use a Mac, but might be worth popping across to Debbie at Travel Intent, and/or Sue at Words Visual as they both do, and I am sure will be able to assist


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