I created my own post cards of Paris for with the PhotoToaster app for Lens Artists Challenge Post Cards

Notre Dame from 2018

I am so happy I have these photos from our trip in 2018. For the post card collector it might become a rare find.

Notre Dame Rose window view 2018

I made the colors extra saturated like you might see on an older post card. Enjoy!

7 thoughts

  1. Thanks for joining the challenge with these beautiful, but oh so sad, images. It makes my heart hurt to think of the fire’s devastation. Here’s hoping the spire will rise again as a reminder to treasure what could one day be lost.


    1. It was so sad to watch those spires burn. On our short trip to Paris we were at Notre Dame twice and still didn’t see it all. Your challenge gave me the opportunity to create these cards.Thank you.


  2. Good choice as postcards of that beautiful city, although on this occasion we leave feelings of sadness, remembering what happened to the cathedral.
    Thank you for participating, Carol.


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