of I’m joining Marsha’s Photographing Public Art Challenge with a thrilling find from yesterday. We went for a walk at our small local shore line park for the first time in a while and discovered a mosaic mural map of the park had been added to the collection artwork on the landfill debris that makes up much of the park.

New Mural at Albany Bulb

,The red and orange is the land that sticks out into the San Francisco Bay, looking somewhat like a lightbulb. It was created from debris from a freeway demolition, so story goes. Artists have used the large chunks of concert for graffiti art for years. Lately there have been more fine art pieces appearing. This mosaic is by far one of best pieces so far.

Here’s how it fits into the landscape of the place.

Albany blue
another View

The mosaic is of this map that greets you when you walk onto the shoreline. Can you see the similarity?

Sorry it’s crooked I was dodging bicyclist when I took this.

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