Shadowy Poinsettia 20201

Taking the photo of this poinsettia brought back a childhood memory. I grew up across the street from a nursery and hot house in Ponca City Oklahoma. The owner’s daughters were my playmates so we ran around freely through the rows of tables of seasonal sprouting plants: chrysanthemums, patunias and of course poinsettias. I took it for granted we would play hide-and-go-seek beneath tables of baby poinsettia in the fall. Didn’t everyone have a greenhouse to play in? The weather is to cold in the winter to grow poinsettia, so they were a big treat to see them growing. When I moved to Southern California in the ’70s I couldn’t believe the 12 foot tall poinsettias growing up next to wall of the neighbors house. Here in Northern CA I never have been able to accomplish that horticultural feet. Here’s the poinsettia that made it 2 Christmases last year but never got the bright red leaves. Unfortunately it didn’t make it this year like many things from 2020

Green Poinsettia 2020

for Cee’s Flower Of The Day Dec 9

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