Becky’s Square Odd post today was about a train robbery, and she asked if we had any odd stories to tell. Well my story is more about robbery, but ends up with an odd photo.

What are you you looking at here?


Around where I live, Northern California, many Prius owners find their quiet hybrid car growling loudly when they go out to start it in the morning. As soon as that happens they know what has happened. Their catalytic converter has been stolen in the night. There is some valuable metal in their clean air creating muffler so robbers in the dark of night jack up the car and saw it off: in 4 minute flat! It happened to us last year, we never heard a thing. And we’re not the only ones that week, Pele’s Muffler Works had 11 people in front of us. We now have a cage around our catalytic converter that bangs and drags as we go over speed bumps. The top picture is a pile of mufflers at the Toyota shop. Has this happened to you?

Muffler Gardian

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