Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge Crocked or Squiggly

Here are the squiggly wiggly monarch caterpillars my friend raised last summer, Terri . I’m adding as an extra Sunday Stills Emerging

Monarch Caterpillars on milkweed

6 thoughts

  1. Well I love your soft serve ice cream ice cream 🍦
    Thanks I had those first 2 photo ready for your Water Water Challenge and got distracted
    Love these whimsical challenges 😁


  2. Ah yes, those are the monarch larvae, Carol. Gorgeous shots! I’m giggling a little because you wrote “crocked” in your post title, instead of crooked, but I may feel a little crocked looking at those waves! 😉


    1. Ah I can’t always depend on my spell check. Friends are better.Thanks 😊
      That crazy wave was from a king tide during the winter.
      I copied your Maple Fore pun today. Should have pancakes with maple syrup next year 🤣

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