CMMC Macro Am I loosing my mind?

I just got a new iPhone 13Pro yesterday and Im trying to see the difference

iPhone X
iPhone 13 pro


Yesterday iPhone X 9:30 AM
Today iPhone Pro 12:30

Compare the color of the sky. On the left iPhone X a normal sky behind yarrow. Right iPhone 13 Pro. No matter how I adjust it the sky it is oversaturated and unreal. Anyone else noticing this?

Comparing Camera

I want my old phone back

10 thoughts

  1. They’ve probably set the new phone to be over saturated because that’s what the young kids like. Take it back to the store and have them take that saturation down.


  2. Best wishes with the new phone – and I think Cee’s comment reminded me that it might take some learning about.
    For example – we always make sure our camera settings are “most compatible” and then we check size settings –
    I am not sure about all the other features you have with the 13 pro but I heard there is some major tech and features that should be a lot of fun!!


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