For Sunday Stills Terri is Seeking to be Bathed In Light. Where I am we’ve had a week of sunshine but the gray has returned so it cheered me up to look for light. I also needed lightening from all the tragedies happening so close to home. I crated a slide for that too. Yesterday day was my daughters birthday which brought a lot of fun as we socially distanced outside with all her friends.

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  1. The very title of your blog is “Light” Carol, so it makes sense you are seeking light, too. Happy birthday to your daughter! Lauren’s was 1/21 and Megan’s is today 1/29. Luckily I just saw them the weekend before Christmas and will be seeing everyone at the end of March for the wedding in San Diego. Talk about an event bringing light! Too many things want to dampen the light of our world with all these continuing tragedies.

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    1. Interesting about January Birthdays. Both of my grandmothers we’re born 1-27 and so is Jessie’s Mother-in-law.! Jess has 1-28 all to herself. Weddings and planning for weddings are such a joy. Congratulations early. I’ve got to get back to San Diego soon too.
      Hope the attic blasts misses you.

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      1. That’s something about your grandmothers! My uncle was born 1/27. My daughter also shares today’s birthday with her great grandfather and Kansas Day, where my grandparents lived. The arctic blast is here! It brought single digit temps but sunshine with it ☀️


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