How fun is this Fibbin Friday I’m supposed to tell you what I think these word mean.

1. Bumfuzzle-the scientific name for the hairs on a bumblebee, also confused either way fuzzy
2. Gardyloo-The state of your toilet just before you clean it.
3. Taradiddle-Doctor Who’s first space craft.
4. Snickersnee-The creature you tell naughty children will get them if they don’t behave.
5. Bumbershoot-For real- this is what my daddy called an umbrella.
6. Snollygoster-An explosive sneezing fit!
7. Brouhaha- blowing something out of proportion
8. Wabbit-a cartoon long eared rodent, as in silly…
9. Pandiculation-the process of spreading widely, perhaps what happens with germs when one snollygosters.
10.Borborygm-What that boring person at a party talks about. Or the scientific name for a growling stomach, either way sounds you ignore.

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      1. The challenge goes out every Friday, so if you fancied checking out some of the older ones, there is no time limit, though comments are closed on posts older than 30 days (you could always tie in to the most recent). Have fun!!

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