For CMMC April Macro I am attempting to combine my photos from Sunday Stills: Spring Awakening and a poem I wrote about the photo shoot.

The Greenest Of Greens

“Two cats in the yard
Love use to be so hard
Now that…”
Some days there are 2 cats 
In our yard
Bamboo the calico
and Topo the one with with a 
Different map on both flanks.
We watch them with curiously 
Thankful for their watchfulness of
Our property 
Topo is big enough to take on the rats
That disturbed our peace last winter
One more thing to be grateful for. 
For now that 

The winter storms, Jims surgery  and bomb cyclones
Seems to have passed
for now
Only in reflection can we note our progress
Towards the glistening
Appreciate the greenest of greens
That chance for this view
That only happen around now  Easter, April-fools day,
Palm Sunday, passover. The sacrifice has been made 
and the blood spilled
we are saved again for one more year
Or so we think, for now at least. And
only if we stand still here in the greening.
Early Yesterday morning I came across a WP challenge
from my friend Terri 
“And the world awakens
She shared gorgeous photos of sunrises and flowers. So
challenged I went out “…while the dew was still on the roses”
to photograph that very morning awakening. 
The grape leaf’s buds pinkenning before the green leafs appear
The sun-red-orange red rose backlit
sun rising petals transparent 
The still furled lilies yet unwound
Standing Guard over their sisters fully open
The shadow of the bright yellow pistol dramatic on her white skirt 
That is what the just woke day offered me
Along with the dew still on the grass

Had it rained silently last night?
For a change salvation doesn’t need to be
Harolded with trumpets or brass bands
We have found our way to the other side of the mountain
of darkness
with the same map we used last year, and the year before. and the year before that
Guided only by 2 cats in the yard and the
Carol Carlisle
My previous blogpost with photos of Awakening Day

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