Sunday Stills Adoration of the Earth on Thursday

In between places: Mudflats, Hills and next to parking lot

My Poem for Earth Day

April 24-2023

Two Earth Day songs-poems became entangled in my ears

The Blue Boat Home and This Pretty Planet…out garden our holy place.

Sang years ago at by daughters kindergarten on Earth Day celebration 

I’ll take them for an inspiration today

I collect a number of photos to become

An Adoration of the Earth post

The more I looked at my selected ingredients  

I see each is a transition place

The Albany Mud Flats where fresh and salt water mingle
Birds from around the planet congregate 

Pelicans dive below the surface into

The murky depths for food

The native plant creek restoration on the South edge of

El Cerrito Plaza pink red bud trees and blue violet ceanothus entwine 

Called me to investigate they’re 

Next to the red no parking curb you can stand on to look down 

In order to see a dark path and the live stream below

A  50 mile long view of the whole San Francisco Bay 

From the top of a hill in Kensington

The Pacific Ocean far out beyond the Golden Gate. 

Trees and grass between me and 

The single storm clouds from passing cyclone 

Hangs above it all and

No promise is made

Moments, places of movement,
from one environment to another

Where we are stirred in the cauldron 

Lightning the spoon 


Fire into oxygen into breath 

Giving life shape 

This pretty 

fierce planet our Garden?

Our Cauldron our cooking pot.

A place where meaning bubbles up from

Beneath the surface

To feed us to 

Show us the way 

To tell us of our infinite


A Haiku 

Not an epoch or eon a


17 syllables

That’s all we get

Carol Carlisle

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