Poetry Day 11: How It Feels to Be A Fairy Child



Lilacs are poetry

their color  music,

their sent the story of Spring’s

lacy gardens with wide lawns for

cart-wheeling, swinging, and racing

a waggle tailed white and brown dog,

for playing tag with freckled-faced cousins.

The sweet dappled shade

under the lilac bush is the Home

we dive for to be the first

to announce to the world

I’m Safe!

Carol Carlisle

Not what NaPoWriMo asked for.They wanted Wine and love. Maybe later 😉


Cee’s Fun Color Challenge: Purple, Lilac, Orchid and Amithyst and Purple People Eater!

Lilacs getting ready to bloom

Lilacs getting ready to bloom

I’m so thrilled this is the first time my lilac has bloomed since I planted it!!! It will be in full bloom for the first day of Spring.

Orchid orchids

Orchid orchids

Very tiny orchids that happily live in my bathroom because of the moisture and sunlight.

purple tea

purple tea stuck oddly to the door one day

Because I drink Darjeeling tea almost every day and it comes in a purple box we just call it purple tea. One time I offered some one “purple tea” and they gladly took only to be disappointed because it was just  ordinary tea colored.

Amythists crystals

Amethyst crystals

Couldn’t leave out these beautiful crystals on a purple challenge. I took the photo at a store because my mother collected crystals…I’m sure she would have appreciated these.

What are your favorite purple things?

Oh wait what is your favorite “purple” song?

Cees Fun Foto Challenge Purple