More Carnival for Cee’s Which Way Challenge


Rock-in-car and Officer Grumpy

Earth Truck

Earth Truck



Bike and buns


Heels and wheels

The road is less important than the vehicle but I think these means of getting around  are usual  and should make you smile for  Cee’s Which Way Challenge

Which way would you prefer?
I of course would want to be the queen on the float, not the gal in the heels.

People of Carnival for Sally D’s Mobile Photo Challenge

Irony of Carnival

Not form thrift town

1-Dancers/Not form thrift town

For those who don’t know Thrift Town is a  Mission District Landmark. It’s store that sells  just about every thing used.

Thrift Town Queen

2-Thrift Town Queen

Out of hundreds of photos and thousands of revelers at the parade how to I capture the the feeling of the Carnival Parade? How do I even get a well composed image?

3- Greeting Neptine

3- Greeting Neptune a walking puppet

The Officer seemed to be permanently stationed in front of where we sat so including him made made for interesting visual story. Sally’s Sally D’s Mobile Photo Challenge focused on shadows today. We haven’t seen the sun for days now so sorry now shadows.

3-My Daughter in profile

4- Must include My Daughter in profile the whole reason we where there

Many of you have asked to see my students work here are 2 collages   of their work!  Made with Grid app.

Grid 1

Grid 1

Grid 2

Grid 2

Love to hear what you think

Happy Monday


Weekly Photo Challenge: Zigzag The Sharp Way of Snake

Gourd Bowl

Gourd Bowl with Mayan Snake Design

Mud flats

Mud flats river



Sutter Buttes

Sutter Buttes

the sharp
way of snake
the tender
cloud dreams
of the People.

Carol Carlisle

Weekly Photo Challenge asked for a story told through zigzag I offer a poem to go with the photos. What other zigzags might you add?