WPC California Oranges

California Poppy

California Poppy

Thai Dancers, Berkeley

Thai Temple Dancers, Berkeley

Carnival Dancer

San Francisco Carnival Dancer

Golden Gate Bridge I believe the paint color is Nautical Orange!

Golden Gate Bridge I believe the paint color is Nautical Orange!

Weekly Photo Challenge asked for Orange I don’t have the actual fruit just now they all went into a cake for Chinese New Year.

Happy Friday Everyone.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Views of Between Around SF Bay Area

Painted Lady between two

Red Painted Lady  Victorian between two shall we say less bold old Gals

Elderly Building Between the high-rises In San Francisco's Financial District

Elderly Building Between the high-rises In San Francisco’s Financial District

Sunset between the towers of the Golden Gate Bridge. Only Happens on Winter Solstice

Sunset between the towers of the Golden Gate Bridge. Only Happens on Winter Solstice

Between Water and Earth

Between Water and Earth Summer Solstice taken from same place as photo above

child between earth and water.

child between earth and water.

As long as I have lived in the San Francisco Bay Area it has always struck me as a betwixt and between area. Having two distinct sides San Francisco in the West and then where I live the East Bay with a great bay in between the two. Water and earth, big city and small towns all coming together to create a grand place to live.

Weekly Photo Challenge Between Between. Capture something in the middle of two things.

Which photo captures Between best for you?


Photo Challenge: On Top of The World


Andersen on Top  of the World/ Indian Rock

It appears he’s high in the Sierras but Indian Rock is in the middle of Berkeley surrounded by homes. Folks go there to practice rock climbing. Shhh, don’t tell them there are steps.

On TOP of San Francisco

On TOP of San Francisco Bay

A post card to the world from the Vista Point at the North End of the Golden Gate Bridge.


Oriole on TOP of my apple tree. He Owns the World.

Photo Challenge On Top





Weekly Photo Challenge Selfie: I Was Here on This Day Bright Day

Selfie and surf

Selfie and surf and Golden Gate Bridge (the 2 uprights on the horizon)

The waves at our edge of the Bay were white and foamy

fog was rolling in on the western shore.

After snapping pictures of children and dogs

romping in the surf,

a tiny crab tangled in sea weed,

I felt the need to be included,

I turned the camera on myself,

lined my fluffy hair up with foaming waves and clicked.

I had not heard the term “selfie” then

I just knew I wanted to record

that I had been at this place at this time

on this bright day.

 I have included

a whiff of sharp exotic air

blown in through the Golden Gate

from Shanghai, Bangkok, and Singapore.

Carol Carlisle

Weekly Photo Challenge Selfie Writes: “A selfie doesn’t have to be all about you; it can reveal much more, given the elements you choose to include.” I hope I took you along on my day at the beach.

One of these days I’ll learn to do a selfie that doesn’t  included a view up my nose. 😉 Any suggestion on how to do that would be appreciated.

 Other’s Selfies

Photo Quote: Which Way Do We Go?

Ese’s Photo Quote Challenge Directions

As you go over the river and through the woods this week, you might have to stop and ask directions, if your lucky you could get directions from someone like Yogi Berra who once said: When you get to the fork in the road take it.” Now that should make life a grand adventure. Enjoy!

Ps If you read on-line and click on pictures you can read the story to go with the pictures.

Sunlight, The Measure of Our Seasons

“Light, my light the world-filling light, the eye-kissing light, heart-sweetening light!” 

“Ah, the light dances, my darling, at the center of my life…” Tagore

Sunsetting North of Mount Tam

Sun setting North of Mount Tam June 21

I can measure how far North the Sun carries the light by its relation to Mount Tam and the Golden Gate Bridge. At Winter Solstice it is lights up the Middle of the GG Bridge. For the Summer Solstice the Sun is a hands width North of the highest peak on the skyline,The Sleeping Lady Mountain also Known as Mount Tamilpiaus.

How do you measure the seasons?