I Promised You a Solstice Sunset

Solstice Sunset 2011
However this is Solstice Sunset 2011

Unfortunately there was no sun to be seen yesterday at setting time at 4:54. It Looked more like this

No I won't go out!
I didn’t go out the door!

The saga of the Solstice Sunset
After I lost a lot of data to a malfunctioning external hard drive. including this sunset photo was I gave up ever seeing it again. I had posted it to the local on-line news paper back in ‘011. and the next year another online posted it, even gave me credit,  however I couldn’t retrieve it from them. This year Facebook randomly offered up the 2011 Solstice Sunset which I don’t even remember posting, there. Did they get it from the on-line paper? So here in 2015, when there was no golden Golden Gate Solstice Sunset it is returned to me in all its glory.
It’s a Solstice Miracle!
Just for Fun I sent the image through Hipstamatic to create a ragged warren 2015 version (don’t worry the original is backed up every where more than once)

A Little ragged for but still intact
A Little ragged for but still intact


I’m posting this on CEE’s Fun Foto Challenge Windows and Doors  Because it’s a fun story and the Golden GATE is a kind door way, right?  😉




9 thoughts

  1. Carol, When I click on your photo, it opens up much larger on my screen, and thus looks twice as good!! This does not happen with all WordPress blogs and I am wondering if you do something when you post it to get that to happen??? By the way, I love your title, “A Purloined Sunset” — Because you and I live in the same area, I always know what you are talking about!!! Carol


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