Poetry Day 5: Climb a Tree and Dance Around

Express yourself go climb a tree…
branches and bones.

branches and bones.

Tree Climbing
April 5, 2013
Bones and branches
they break
they grow.
 I do not know.
Hold me up?
Oh my yes!


I woke up singing “Express Yourself” so this is  our Friday Dance Around Music. It goes out especially for all of us doing  NaPoWriMo! This is a good one for singing along, chair dancing and finger snapping…Come one everybody, let’s all go be a Super Stars!


Dance Around Good Friday with the Classics

First Put on your Pock-a-Dot  Dress

Are you smiling yet? I just love the saxophone that go along with this Oldie.

Now Let’s go to Church with Elvis

One of my favorite Hymns. Awww, He was so young!

Cloud Caption Monday: Preparing for Spring

tall trees in winter's fog

tall trees lost in  the last of Winter’s fog

A Wee Ritual for Shaking off Winter

As we say farewell to winter take time to note what has imprisoned you or kept you in the fog since last fall…write it down and prepare to burn it with the rising Sun on the first day of Spring.  Or for fun and frivolity decorate eggs, like you would Easter Egg, but with signs and symbols of  what is begging to be broken open and set free!  Crack that open on March 20th to reveal to golden Sun inside and have a great Vernal Feast!

It helps to share what you are riding yourself of, you may do it here or with someone else:

I am shaking off the the cough that has pestered me all winter! Out Da#% cough!

What would you care to shake off?

Sunday Post: Around the Bay


Jakesprinters suggested bay as a topic. I have too any pictures of San Francisco Bay to even begin so I picked a few and one of Bodega Bay. For those in know if you look close might see Tippi Hedren in a little boat. 😉 Click on any picture to view as a slide show.