Sunday Post: An “Arrangement” of Stars


Often Called an alignment  the planets have arranged themselves in a parade

The planets have arranged themselves in this rare parade or conjunction. You will not often see Moon, Neptune, Mercury, Sun, Mars, Venus and Uranus so close together.

Star Arrangements or constellations just after sunset as seen directly west over San Francisco (latitude 37) Taken from my phone app Sky Map. I was out looking for the comet Panstarrs using the phone app to help me find exactly where the sun had set when I noticed this  startling arrangement of planets.

For more about the comet go to Nasas Guide for Viewing Panstarrs. It has already made it’s way through the Southern Hemisphere and is now crossing the equator towards us in the North, So Sorry Jake who suggested Sunday Post Arragment  that the Comet has passed you by.

Sunset Arrangement Guid for Viewing Comment

Sunset Arrangement Guid for Viewing Coment

 Important Dates:
March 11: New Moon 12:51 PM PDT (22º Pisces); Mars enters Aries 11:26 PM PDT
March 17: Mercury turns direct 1:03 PM PDT (6º Pisces) YEA!
March 20: Equinox 4:02 AM PDT
March 22-26: Mars conjunct Uranus (8º Aries) and square Pluto (12º Capricorn)
March 27: Full Moon (7º Aries-Libra)

Yes, Maria, Yes It Is Dance Around Friday

Put  on Your Dancin’ Boots!

Introducing David Wax Museum: the guy singing and the gal playing the donkey jaw bone in this video. We saw them live as an opening act  last year at Slims. They are from Boston but they studied music in Mexico.

I am not sure what this song or video is all about but it has the best chair dance I’ve ever seen and it makes me happy, muy feliz! I hope it does the same for you.

Throw Away Thursday

left behind

left behind…ahhhh!
Thursday is an odd day not quite the weekend  but we still have work to do…So how about make it a day to post images or ideas that haven’t found a home in any other category.?…Pictures or poems, stories or jokes that might be forgotten and left by the side of the road…but still deserve some love.. 
Well that’s what I’m doing this week.

Wonder Wednesday: What is Stirrin’ in the Gloamin’

What is getting ready to rise up? Does it need Help?

think of Mary Oliver's poem the The Bear

Mary Oliver’s poem that begins..

a black bear
has just risen from sleep
and is staring

I know many of you are still buried under drifts of snow or winter dullness but somewhere a wild thing in you must be feeling a pull upward toward the sun, growing higher in the sky.Give voice to it today.Yawn and stretch, growl or moan, someone may hear you and come join you or help dig you out, for soon it will be  Spring (you will find the rest of the poem in this purple word)

let us consider our path with e.e.cummings

no need for punctuation when you are on the path

who needs punctuation when the world appears upside down

seeker of truth
follow no path
all paths lead where
truth is here
~ e. e. cummings ~ 
(Complete Poems 1904-1962)
that which you are seeking
is causing you to seek
buddhist saying
seek and you shall find
the bible

Cloud Caption Monday Takes Flight in Song: Name That Tune!


How Many song titles does these suggest?  I’ve been coming up bird and wing songs for this cloud ever sense I took it last Friday a Point Isabel facing South.

A Bounce Picture

Here's another cloud and another wing from the same place facing West

Here’s another cloud and another wing from the same place facing West. (The top picture is a different color because I Instagrmed it to help the clouds show up)

The sky above the bay

was all aflutter with

wispy wing-ed clouds.

I held my ground

turned and turn-ed

then my heart

took flight in song.

What song would these clouds inspire you to sing? 

Sunday Post: Capture! Oh, I mean Captivate


Papal spider.

Papal spider.

Captivating -to influence, hold or dominate by some special charm, art, or trait and with an irresistible appeal. I seem to come up  with a pun each week for Jakesprinters theme. This week I just couldn’t resist capturing you  in my web of hilarity and strange beauty.  Oh and there might even be of a double because this is a Papal spider, really…Check out shape of the body and it’s design. What do you think?

It’s Friday Let’s Dance Around to Pata, Pata

March Comes In Like A Lion

Wild flower

I started out looking for “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” but my husband suggested looking up Miriam Makiba. He went on to tell me she was in exile for many years in South Africa for speaking out about Apartheid. There you have it a little history lesson and a great Friday night move. I’m still working on that twist action!

After you have your heart rate up check out:

Composer In The Garden also posted In like a Lion.

Friday Free For All offers a whole passel of writing prompt every Friday

Weekly Photo Challenge: February Flowers in Review

The driest February in California on record has brought out incredibly beautiful flowering fruit trees all over the East Bay. I can’t drive down the street without pulling over to snap a picture. My own Santa Rosa plum (the first pic) burst into bloom just today.

Too much light

at the wrong time

does create great beauty.

Be careful what you ask for.

File this under Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost In Detail these pictures do focus on the details of the flowers as well as the whole tree within the landscape itself.