Prom in the Rose Garden for Cee’s Which Way Challenge

Berkeley Rose Garden

Berkeley Rose Garden

As we wandered among the flowers formally dressed young people began arriving at the Berkeley Rose  Saturday afternoon. A wedding perhaps, but why so many brides? Finally I asked one of the many photographer-moms and found it was a prom photo shoot. What a good idea better the dropping your kid off at the gym for an expensive photo that I may never see. The kids were having fun but the aunts and uncles, moms and dads were glowing with pride and joy to be able to share this moment. Which Way? A new way I hope will become a well warren stone path.

PS The Berkeley Rose Garden is a beautiful stone WPA project with many interesting stone paths going this way and that. A great place for the Which Way Challenge.

Berkeley Rose Garden

Berkeley Rose Garden


Cee’s Which Way Challenge: Town or Country? Old or New?


San Francisco’s Castro District’s new rainbow crosswalks.



Tilden Parks WPA stone terraced path at Native Plant Garden.

Old or new, town or country, curved or straight: these paths lead somewhere interesting. Which one would you prefer?

Cee’s Which Way Challenge


This Post won an award as Featured blogger for Cee‘s Which Way Challenge. Thank you very much. So happy the rainbow cross walk was recognized!!!



Nurturing Thursday: Soak in the Sunsets


 Can there be too many pink fluffy cloud sunsets? 

All this week people have been asking each other “Did you see the sky last Friday?”  This is not just happening here in Northern California I saw a post from Colline in Canada with images of a similar sunset. Seems to be Mother Nature’s way of saying to all of us there is an even bigger picture then the ones we see on the small screens. Nurturing beauty is all around when we take time to notice.
What uplifting gift have you received this week?

Nurturing Thursday