on my table
My kitchen table farm.

Meet Mr. and Mrs Salt Pig and their friend Butter the cow pitcher.

These friendly faces greet me at breakfast and often watch over me as I write my blog. The Pig family has been with us a very long time. Their origin story varies from date and place, depending on who tells it,  but I am sure I bought them, as a reward, for myself after a root canal. Butter is new to us, she belonged to our dear neighbor who moved away this summer and put thing out on the curb for anyone to pick over. I was overjoyed to claim this lovely cow as memento of our years of friendship. The Pigs welcomed her with big smiles!

The origins the peach sugar bowl and chicken butter dish are complete mysteries but I’m happy they are part of my kitchen table barnyard.

Weekly Photo Challenge wanted me to share a bit of my daily life I hope you enjoyed this peek into my world. What’s on your kitchen table you love?

15 thoughts

  1. Sounds like your sentimental over thihgs you have had awhile and things that have meanings to you like I am. I have a lot of that!! Need to go thru it and get rid of it I guess, or just wait until I’m gone and let our son do that. lol



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