Dance Around Friday: Carnival and The Spirit of Dance

You Are Called To Join The Parade with Your Own Dance.

“Dance is the Fastest way to the truth” Gabrielle Roth.

This is still Light Words I put on a Summer dress. I hope you like it.

Sunday Post: Perspective OOOOO!

Moon Hanger

Moon All Hung UP

Jake Sunday Post Perspective came just in time to share this shot of the recent super full moon caught up on my shaper’s crook plant hanger. OOOOO!

Big Golden Boots

Big Golden Belled Boots  OOOOO!

Taken at the San Francisco Carnival Parade.

Different views of perspective:

Dance Around Friday: Hot! Hot! Hot!

Viva Carnival

Dance! Dance!

So Much to be excited about this weekend! First: the new season of So You Think You Can Dance  just started. The Best “reality” show ever. Katee and Joshua, featured here, are our favorites ever. Next excitement, Summer officially starts in the US on Memorial Day Yeah! Now we can wear white. I picked Latin music because, here in San Francisco we have our very own Carnival this weekend. This year is especially exciting for us because our daughter will be dancing with a salsa group in the parade. She’s not quite ready for So You Think You Can Dance and will be more clothed but we will have fun dancing around with her!

I hope you find something that get’s your feet moving this weekend!

I posted a picture of my Grandmother clock on Weekly Photo Challenge In the Back Ground see if you can find me 😉