Maurice Sendak Eyes His Creation: Making Friends with Monsters

Where the Wild Things Monster and Creator

Where the Wild Things Monster and Creator

Creator and Creation take a Gander at one another. A brilliant museum curator put together this sensitive exhibit of the works of Maurice Sendak. It brought back memories of reading bedtime stories to my daughter. When she was in preschool a teacher painted the Monster’s forest on the cushions of an old sofa, so the children could curl up in the lap of a their favorite storybook monsters to read and nap.

Daily Post Art

Daily Prompt: Silver Lining White Spider

White Spider

White Spider

Daily Prompt Silver Lining asked photographers to post pictures of something ugly then find the silver lining. Well I hear, lot of people find spiders ugly and scary, but this has to be the most beautiful arachnid ever! It just so happens I cam upon this lovely lady yesterday, and she willingly posed for me, as if to say, “Mr DiMill I’m ready for my close up!” Just in time for this prompt, too.

Close up of same spider.

Close up of same spider Her name must be Charlotte.

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Total Eclipse of the Heart, Total Leap of Faith, Total Eclipse

The words “Total Eclipse of The Heart ” has been going through my mind after I wrote about today’s Total Solar Eclipse in shadowy sign Scorpio. There is much written on the web about today’s celestial even, but as a believer the power of ART I offer a dance to tell the story.  Melanie’s flying leap into Niel’s arms will stop your heart thus allowing you to fully experience a total eclipse!  This dance is from So You Think You Can Dance an American TV program that is a force of nature. Every year the best dancers in the world come together with some of the best choreographer for 13 weeks in a completion in which every one who watches wins because of the beauty and grace and artistry. Not surprising Melanie was the winner in 2011.

Here is My Art Work for Eclipse Day

Fire and water create sparkling

jewels on my window

gone too soon.

The moment, the movement

the breath gone and gone


what fierce arm catches us

lifts us up

 each day?

Carol Carlisle

Cloud Clearing Monday: Smooth Sailing in a Lavender Sunset

Have any clouds been swept away in the last month?

What are you looking for on the horizon? Are You looking in the right direction?

The Daily prompt asks what change would you like your blog to make in the worldI took both pictures from the same spot on the Marina Green at sunset. One looking out toward Alcatraz Island the other looking back toward the many hills of San Francisco.  A slight shift of attention can certainly can create a big change. And that slight shift in conscientiousness  through beauty wisdom and whimsy is what I hope Light Words bring to the you Dear Readers.