WPC: The INDICATE Patterns of May Day

On The First Day of May
High Stepping Morris Dancers Welcome The Sun with Intricate Dance Steps

Indicate steps of May Day Dance By The Morris Dancers

Indicate steps of May Day Dance By The Morris Dancers

Revelers Show Off their Intricate Finery  

Well dressed Reveler

Well dressed Reveler wear Flowered shawl, dancing peopled hat and plaid shirts

Intricately Woven Garland Adorns the May Queen’s Head 

Intricately Woven Garland worn by the May  Queen as She Welcomes the Sun

May Queen Welcomes the Sun

Finally the Fool Dose One More Dance 

The Fool too, is an intricate fellow

The Fool too, is an intricate fellow

Arising at 4:45 I hurried out of the house to Join the Revelers at Inspiration Point for the annual May Day Celebration Led by The Berkeley Morris Dancers. No matter what the theme I had planned to share the pictures  I took this morning. It Just so happened that today’s Weekly Photo Challenge is Intricate f which fits nicely with the patterns in the dance, costumes and the weaving of the yearly cycle of the changing of the seasons.


How will you welcome Summer? or Winter?
Yes, some consider today the change of the season.


Nurturing Thursday: Sing, Dance, Meditate Twice as Much

Someone once asked Mahatma Gandhi:
“What do you do when you are too busy to meditate?”He replied:
“I meditate twice as much.”


meditate twice as much

We can add: If you’re too busy to sing or sing twice as much with friends…



or dance twice as fancy



What would you recommend we do twice and much?


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