A Country Girl Celebrates International Woman’s Day

I Am a Country Girl

I AM a Country Girl even if I look like a California Hippy.

The Carolina Chocolate Drop’s Rhiannon Gibbens vision of “down home country life” almost matches the world I grew up with in 1950’s & ’60 Oklahoma, except hers has a mixing of races which I never saw. Perhaps a growing honoring and celebrating woman has helped change the world since I was “A Country Girl” The shameful behaviors of our past are being slowly replaced be connection and recognition of one an others humanity. Or more to the point dancing together! The lady making biscuits in the video looks like my grandmother back then or maybe me now.

What do you think?

How has your experiences changed since child hood?

Daily Post Shame

Dance Around Friday with Two Historic Moments

First:Just incase your having Olympics withdrawal here’s the most breathtaking Ice Dance Ever

We had never seen anything like it when Torvill and Dean took the ice in 1984. If you are too young to remember this it may seem dated, but previously all Ice Dancing had been old-fashioned skaters waltzes. When he twirls her around horizontally we all screamed like the first time we saw

The Beatles! Our Second Historic Moment

Sorry! Couldn’t find any complete versions something about copy rights.

What I remember about that Sunday in February 1964: My friend Bernadine (who remembers “Oh! Oh! Bernadine?”) picked  six of us in her dad’s 1962 Edsel and took us to her house with the big rumpus room where we watched the first Beatles performance on The Ed Sullivan Show. We screamed and cried then sang just like the live audience. Then on the way back home we sang “Let Me Hold Your Hand” over and over shaking our heads just like Paul. Hope you can “Imagine” us in are cardigans with pelted skirts or blue jeans. For sure we all had helmet hair from back combing and masses of hairspray.

What is your all time favorite Olympic moment?  What is your memory of watching the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan show? If you are old enough 😉

Let's Go out for donuts in style

Classic going to see the Beatles Car!!

Happy Dancing!

Dancing Around the World with a Goofy Guy

Matt Harding goes around the would dancing with folks. Does anyone remember Where in the World is Carman San Diego? Like that. Some call him the Dancing Missionary. I’ll sign up for the church of dance any day!  Remember you have to open this on-line to view it. At the end is Matt, his wife and their new baby taking a bow.

Find Your Country! Find Yourself Dancing!

For us we know the wheelchair dancers in Oakland. It’s Axis Dance Company. I looked for friends in Czech Republic, and Brazil. Even if you don’t know people in other countries here’s a chance to make new friends from somewhere you’ve never been. Maybe they should have a Dance Olympics?

I hardly can stop watching this joy filled video long enough to write about it.  Last Sunday the ministers show this video twice during the church services. Once at the beginning and then at the end when we all got up and danced with it!  I couldn’t wait for today to share it with you. Bet you can’t sit still.

Happy Dance Around Friday!

Dance Around Friday is Singing in The Rain

For those who have a lot of wet stuff around you might as well celebrate it, and for those of us with none this is a dance for rain. All together we might create some magic “dancing and singing in the rain!”  

Happy Friday

PS this is a remastered version of Singing in the Rain with the words just for fun. Enjoy

Let there be rainy clouds

Last years California Dew

This years dry, bare earth in the back yard

This years dry, bare earth in the back yard

Dance Around Friday: With The Platters and Hugh Masekela Remembering Nelson Mandala

Twilight Time

 All week I had planed to post Twilight Time but I have added a tribute to Nelson Mandela as well.

I feel compelled to post something for Nelson Mandela today. Because Hugh Masekela used music to call attention to the agony, conflict, and exploitation South Africa faced during 1950s and 1960s, I find his song “Bring Back Nelson Mandela” speaks to the longings of the people at that time. We can’t bring him back now, but we can remember this great man and keep his legacy of freedom and justice alive.

What I remember the Anti Apartheid movement here in Berkeley is the sounds of helicopters 3 miles away and  hearing stories, from my friend who was in school at UC at the time, about running through clouds of tear gas.

Oh Yes We Mustn’t Forget To Dance! 

Weekly Photo Challenge Grand sky and Grand Man.

Dance Around Friday: Asks Where Where You When…?

Why does It take tragic events to bring people together? Or Create Community? Because after all “We All Live in a Yellow Submarine”

Today as we commemorate the 50th Anniversary of The JFK Assassination many of us who are old enough are asking each other where  were you when? And of course it was a demarcation for me too, however,  I am seeking to call up other memories that cracked open my heart in a joyful way. The one that came to mind today, was the day my daughter’s whole primary school sang the Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine” at an Earth Day Assembly. There they were, about 100 fresh-faced 1st and 2nd graders sitting on the grass singing their hearts out to a song older than some of their parents. This old novelty song took on new meaning having my daughter sing it back to me. Yes we do live on this Earth together. “Yellow Submarine” was followed by “This Pretty Planet” and there was not a dry eye on the playground.

Now every time I hear either of those songs I am back at Vista School, 20 years ago, wiping away a tear with a big goofy grin on my face.
What sweet tender unforgettable and communal moments do you hold in your heart?

Why We are Dancing Around with Batman

San Francisco Turns into Gotham City

I bet you can at least run around to this! Who remembers watching Batman in the 60’s?

Now here’s your chance to dance with Batman and some of his most notorious villains

Some of you mentioned you can’t always see the videos so here is the press release about Batman Day: ( I’ve been under the weather so I won’t be there). I bet there will be YouTube Videos.

      Miles’ Wish To Be Batkid

Come join us for a fun-filled day of everything Bat as a young crime-fighter captures villains and saves the day on November 15th!

Miles may only be 5 years old but he is fighting a very adult battle, one that we hope he will win. Miles has leukemia. He is a bright, positive, little boy who finds inspiration in super-heroes. When we interviewed Miles for a wish, he surprised even his parents: Miles wants to be Batkid!

On November 15th, Miles will get his wish! The day will begin with a breaking news story. San Francisco’s Police Chief will ask if anyone knows the whereabouts of Batkid. The city needs his help to fight crime and capture villains! Our little Batkid, along with adult Batman, will be ready to answer the call!

After rescuing a damsel-in-distress from the Hyde Street cable-car tracks in Nob Hill, then capturing the Riddler in the act of robbing a downtown vault, Batkid will enjoy lunch at the Burger Bar, near Union Square. After lunch, he will get a special message from the Police Chief and go to the window where he will look down and see a huge crowd of volunteers jumping up and down pleading for Batkid’s help. Why? The villainous Penguin has just kidnapped a famous San Francisco mascot (Lou Seal)! The batmobile will be visible on Union Square, (a convertible offering a view of the crime in progress), and the chase will be on!

After apprehending the Penguin, Batkid will make a final stop at City Hall where the Mayor of San Francisco, Ed Lee, along with the Police Chief, will congratulate him on his daring feats of justice and present him with a key to the city. We hope to have a huge crowd of volunteers and donors there to cheer him on and thank our Batkid!